We all have something we want to build. Maybe it’s a colosseum and maybe it’s just a treehouse, but deep down we all have a passion we want to express to the world.

Mahar Technologies is a company that provides the tools you need to take on your goal. They understand that visionaries come in all different forms throughout many different industries. They know that even the most driven and intelligent people struggle in some areas and need guidance to fully realize their ideas.

From funding opportunities to accounting help to mentorship programs, they will work with you to find the gaps in your business that need improvement and provide the connections that turn weaknesses into strengths.

They’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs across 22 different industries achieve success in their businesses. Graduates from the Mahar Technologies incubator program have gone on to be leaders in a wide variety of fields ranging from stem cell research to urban renewal.

“Mahar Technologies gave me the structure I needed to develop my passion into a tangible product,” says Anjay Singh, founder of probiotic juice company, GoodHealth.

“Their incubator program introduced me to my business partner and fostered many other important relationships I rely on to this day. Without their help, I don’t know if my business would have ever made it past the idea stage.”

Anjay is just one of over 200 entrepreneurs who have found similar success thanks to Mahar Technologies.

Although they maintain connections within the venture capital and finance worlds, they do not fund the companies they support in order to stay away from conflicts of interest. Their mission statement is to foster the growth and development of forward-thinking entrepreneurial ventures and they’ve made the conscious choice to avoid creating any unnecessary tension between themselves and their clients.

All services are billed on a per-project basis that ranges in price depending on the scope and manpower of the work being done. They will never ask for any equity in your company, nor will they seek to control any aspect of your decision-making process. They are fully committed to being a strong ally, not a boss.

“I was at a place where I need help, but didn’t know where to look,” says Fred King, owner/operator of Princess Pea Mattresses. “I’d been in business for over 12 years and suddenly I was being driven to drastically lower my prices to compete with the e-commerce wave. Mahar Technologies helped me update my business model for the 21st Century so I could stay afloat. I don’t know where I’d be today without that help.”

Mahar Technologies has worked with teams of all sizes to achieve astonishing results. Whether you are a struggling solopreneur or an established business with 100+ employees, Mahar Technologies has a package for you. 

If you’re ready to take control of your destiny, head over to www.mahartechnologies.com and take the assessment on the home page to see if you’re business could benefit from all the amazing programs they have to offer.